Mark Antony Movie Review: A Thrilling Gangster Action Drama with Vishal and SJ Surya


In Mark Antony, a sci-fi gangster action drama starring the versatile actor Vishal, SJ Surya also has a big role. The movie, which was directed by Adhik Ravichandran, has sparked interest in the audience with its advertising. The movie premiered tonight, amidst all the hype. Let’s investigate to find out more.

Mark Antony’s story.

Jackie Marthanda (SJ Surya) and Anthony (Vishal) are good buddies. They are both gangsters, and they are at odds with Ekambaram (Sunil), another criminal. Ekambaram kills Anthony one day and then hides. Jackie is committed to getting even for the death of his friend. He looks after Mark (Vishal), Anthony’s son, and accords him greater significance than Madan (SJ Surya), his own son.

Mark works as a mechanic to support himself since he hates his father. When he receives a phone that allows him to speak with people from the past, the plot twists. This phone plays an important role in the story, altering Mark, Madan, and Jackie’s life.

Technical Aspects:

Although GV Prakash’s songs don’t make a big impression, the background music is good and fits the tone of the movie. The production design is outstanding and does a great job of portraying the bygone era. The production design team works hand in hand with the cinematography of Abinandhan Ramanujam. The production qualities are high, and the editing is passable.

With Mark Antony, director Adhik Ravichandran did an amazing job. He has established his own guidelines throughout the movie’s sci-fi-focused sections, as was already acknowledged. He succeeds in adding humour to the bizarre ride he intended to take the audience on. It could have been much better if the songs had received more focus.

Mark Antony

Negative: Mark Antony

The play Mark Antony features a lot of information and characters, thus it requires the audience’s complete focus. Because the movie demands your full attention, it can be disorienting if you’re even a little bit inattentive. A better impact may have been achieved by providing a more complete explanation when things are rushed.

The dialogues are not particularly strong, and some of the action-packed sequences may make you think of other films. The first half calms down a little after a strong beginning. The tunes, though, are the major negative. They fall short of expectations and slow down the story because of it. The lack of energy makes the climax weak. The way Sunil was portrayed should have been improved.

Positives: Mark Antony

First up, Mark Antony is a success in making both half of the show entertaining. An unusual telephone equipment is the focus of the comedy in particular. The entire humour revolves around the amusing rules of this specific phone system.

Although the plot may not be altogether original—we have seen films with a similar premise before—SJ Surya and Vishal’s outstanding performances really make Mark Antony stand out. They are the heart and soul of the movie and give it new energy.

Vishal is excellent in both his gangster and mechanic parts. His portrayal of the father is strong, yet he plays the son with grace. Vishal’s presence on screen is noteworthy, and the differentiation between the two roles is nicely done. The double-decker fight scenes are skillfully performed. Everyone can’t help but fall in love with SJ Surya’s style and attitude, and Silk Smitha plays the CBI part admirably. Vishal and SJ Surya were a perfect match thanks to the casting crew.

Conclusion: Mark Antony

For the most part because of Vishal and SJ Surya’s superb performances, “Mark Antony” is a mafia action drama that is absolutely worth watching. There are some genuinely delightful moments scattered throughout the movie, which uses science fiction aspects to boost the entertainment value. Keep close attention on the smaller aspects and be willing to overlook a few minor imperfections if you want to properly appreciate “Mark Antony.” In the end, the movie offers some good ol’ fashioned enjoyment.


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