Mellstroy net worth 2024 , Richest Russian Streamer , Net worth of $7.2 Million

Mellstroy Net Worth 2024 : Who is mellstroy ?? Richest Russian streamer !! Having Net worth of $7.2 Million

Mellstroy was born in 1998 and started his streaming career in year 2015 , His real name is Andrey burim , and drop out college for streaming ..

Mellstroy is a resident of Russia who comes from a poor background. Mellstroy was brought to the Internet by his brother. At first, Mellstroy used to stream Minecraft and DOTA, after which his streaming took a dark turn in which he started streaming games like Counterstrike and used to ask girls to do bad things. In 2017, his disgusting acts were caught and he had to go to jail, despite that he did not stop streaming. To increase his wealth in his career, he started getting into things like gambling .

The people that Mellstroy surrounded himself with were all concerned about his money, and things like alcohol consumption and luxury items began to appear on Mellstroy’s streams. Mellstroy’s ego had crossed all limits and he did not interact with people with any respect at all.

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Once Mellstroy hit a girl named Yana on streaming due to which she got injured on her jaw and brain due to which Mellstroy had to pay a huge fine and after the accident Mellstroy’s social media accounts were also blocked and after that after 2 years he started to build his career again on a different platform named Kick.

Mellstroy Net Worth 2024

Mellstroy recently gifted a $200k watch for free and also keeps making a lot of donations. All this money comes from illegal work. Mellstroy also donates his earned money and also helps needy people.

Mellstroy is very short-tempered.

In 2023, Mellstroy’s net worth was $7.2 million.

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